Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's playing on the old media player

While I'm doing my web surfing, or even playing a game, I enjoy putting a bunch of songs into the old Media player and playing them on shuffle to see what comes up. It's kind of a fun thing to do while your doing your Internet thing. It'll work with Windows Media Player or ITunes as well.

Well this evening I'm in the year 1958, one of my absolute favorite years for music, and here's what I'm hearing on the old headset.

Chapel of Dreams - Dubs
Woodchoppers' Ball - Honky Tonkers
A Big Hunk of Love - Elvis Presley
Beep Beep - Playmates
Stupid Cupid - Connie Frances
Swinging Shepheard Blues - Johnny Pate
Yellow Dog Blues - Johnny Maddox
You Cheated - The Shields
Suzy Q - Dale Hawkins
Lonely Boy - Ronnie Jones & the Classmates
Itchy Twitchy Feeling - Bobby Hendricks
That Old Black Magic - Louis Prima & Keely Smith
So Tough - The Original Casuals
Down the Aisle of Love - The Quintones

Some great DooWop, a little Rockabilly, several Pop classics, those great Instromentals, and of course, a little Elvis
Like I said, I love all kinds of music from this era. They played it all on the same radio stations back then.

Well that's all for tonight.
BTW: How's the old "Butcher of Spelling" doing?


Johnny Rabbitt Junior said...

Suzy Q/Dale Hawkins and Louis Prima & Keely Smith/That Old Black Magic --- two great recordings, Jeff!

Love the blog so far. I doubt anyone wants to read my downer blog at --- I keep telling the economic forecast. Nobody wanted to hear the coming of the recession and depression...but, oh well. I hope all is well with you and the family this blessed Christmas season. May God continue to bless you with the sense of humor and intelligence we all have come to enjoy. Yes --- I think many of us agree on this: you're smart, fun, entertaining, and a genuinely nice guy, too!

Sully said...

Your spelling and grammar are surprisingly proficient mon frere. You must be getting some help say maybe from spell checker??

Keep bloggin, Jocko!