Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Must Have

Recently I received a gift from my wife that ranks at the top of my list of must have reference guides. It’s the Lionel Catalog Archive 1945-1969. This gem of a CD ROM chronicles Lionel Train Catalogs from their celebrated “post war” era.

When I was young, it was a ritual for me every November, to go to Johnson’s Electric Trains on Chippewa in South St. Louis, and get my copy of the current Lionel Trains catalog. It would not be until I was a grown man that I would learn how these works of art were referred to as “wish lists.” I would peruse each catalog and marvel at the great trains Lionel was offering for the Holiday season. For many years, I managed to hang on to each year’s catalogs. Then, along came those teenage years when I would discard those fond memories of my youth.

The Lionel Catalog Archive allows me to recapture those fond memories; and I didn’t have to pay as much for the CD ROM as I would have to get good copies of each year’s catalog. It’s another trip down memory lane for me. Thanks to John Holtmann of HSL right here in St. Louis, for all your hard work on this project. If you love Lionel Trains as I do, this is a must have. You can check it out at

Way to go John.

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