Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Cold Outside. How 'bout some Baseball!

Three Redbirds for you. On the left we have Mike Heath from the Topps 1986 updates set. Heath came to the Cardinals from Oakland in a trade for Joaquin Andujar after the '85 season. Heath was not to popular around St. Louis. In the middle is Tim Conroy from that same '86 Topps update set. I like this card because it was actually taken at Busch Stadium number 2.

Finally we have Mike Laga from the '87 Topps set. Mike is the only player from any team to hit a ball totally out of Busch Stadium number 2. Unfortunately, it was a foul ball; but it was a historic foul ball non-the-less. Hope you all enjoy them; hope it warms you up if you're cold this December day.

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