Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Back

Well, it's been all summer plus since my last post. I plan to make up for that in the next few days so stay tuned.

With the release of the Beatles remastered CDs, it’s time for me to talk about what we’re hearing on these CDs. Yes the vocals are brighter; there’s definitely more bass, especially with the earlier albums.

There’s always those little things going on in the background that you swore you’ve never heard before. But wait a minute. Those sounds were there on the older CDs, and even on the vinyl.

I remember back in the 80s when I bought a CD from ACE of England called “Dion Hits.” At the time, it was the absolute best sounding collection of Dion’s Laurie recordings. The folks who do the remastering at ACE always do a good job to this day. One track, “Runaround Sue,” stuck out. I heard the drummer hit one drumstick with the other during one of his fills. I knew the sound the sticks made because I had played drums myself and often hit the sticks together in that fashion. After convincing myself that I’d not heard that sound on any other copy of “Runaround Sue” that I had on vinyl, I went back and listened to one of the particularly bad recordings and low and behold, the sound of the drumsticks hitting each other was there. I just never noticed until that CD.

Yes I know there have been some very bad, some criminally bad mixes of songs over the years in the Rock & Roll era. However, with the advent of the digital age, which began with the first CDs in the 80s, there have been some masterful remastered, remixed, recordings.

These CDs sound great. But are they really better then the first generation of Beatles CDs that came out in 1987; only time will tell.

Coming up: Abbey Road

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Unknown said...


I've found your blog when have been searching for any information about Dion and his "Runaround Sue" song.

It is clear that you have strong knowledge about music and performers of those times and I want to ask for your help.

This song ("Sue") was included in "Rolling Stone 500 Best Songs Ever". Do you know, what bass instrument sounds in record from this release? (Don't know, may be there are several versions of this song recorded with different accompaniment).

Sorry, if there are some bad English.
Best wishes.