Friday, January 30, 2009

The St. Louis Cardinals 100th Anniverary Baseball Card set pt 6

Here's the final pages from the McDonalds St. Louis Cardinals 100th Anniversary set from 1992.
These are pages 6 and 7.

Bob Gibson, Whitey Herzog, Harry Brecheen, Howard Pollet, John Tudor, Bob Forsch, Bruce Sutter, Lee Smith, Todd Worrel
Al Hraboski, Checklist
Bob Gibson is the best Redbird pitcher I've ever seen. Bob Forsch pitched not one, but two no-hitters for the Redbirds. Forsch along with his brother Ken, are the only brother act to have both pitched no-hitters; Ken was with the Astros. "The White Rat" Whitey Herzog is one of the best managers I can remember. Then we have the Four Firemen, and of course the obligatory checklist.
Hope you've enjoyed the cards. This was a fun set to collect; but I ate a lot of Micky D's stuff during the time the set was available.


Goose Joak said...

Cool! I used to be a Cardinals collector growing up, so some of these look familiar, especially the Todd Worrell and Lee Smith cards. I think I have a "100th Anniversary" set like this, but it's all white and wasn't issued by McDonalds. I also think it was missing all the retired stars.

flashfox said...

I have a set of unopened 100th anniversary cards that are not McDonalds but from Kansas City Life Insurance Company. They were handed out in my school during the DARE program. Would you happen to know anything about them?