Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The St. Louis Cardinals 100th Anniverary Baseball Card set pt 4

This is the forth page from the McDonalds 1992 St. Louis Cardinals 100th Anniversary card set.

On this page are some of the greatest Cardinals that I remember having the privilege of seeing on the field:

Dick Groat, Ken Boyer, Lou Brock, Mike Shannon, Curt Flood, Joe Cunningham, Reggie Smith, Ted Simmons, Tim McCarver

I must point out that the greatest Cardinal third baseman that I have ever seen is in the middle of the top row. I know there are those who loved Scott Rolen; he was a great third baseman. But I believe Ken Boyer was the greatest Cardinal to play that position.


Unknown said...

Speaking of Curt Flood, every modern day ball player should go down on his knees and give thanks. I'm guessing most of today's players don't even know his name. And I doubt if many went to his funeral.

Sully said...

You couldn't be more right on the Flood thing. Jocko tells me that he caught up to you by phone recently. It would be a hoot for us all to get together sometime soon.

Unknown said...

I just wish I still had the old '57 Plymouth Savoy to cruise around in.